Health Department:


Dennis Johnson - Director of Health


50 Boston Street, Guilford, CT 06437

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (203) 453-8118

Fax: (203) 453-8034


The Director of Health is appointed to a four-year term by the Board of Selectmen and confirmed by the Commission of the State Department of Health Services.  The director, serving on a full-time basis, salaried, is responsible for enforcement of the state public health code and pertinent local ordinances.


In the summer all recreational bathing beach areas are tested every week. Additional responsibilities include investigations of radon, rabies, electromagnetic field concerns and food-borne diseases.  The director is assisted by a full-time administrative assistant and registered sanitarian who helps with all the duties and responsibilities.


Water Pollution Control Authority

Throughout the town, sewage disposal is handled on-site by individual septic systems and community waste disposal systems.  This program requires that the town and its residents monitor the proper design, use, and maintenance of individual, on-site sanitary systems.  The town engineer reviews the design and inspects the installation of new, repaired and enlarged systems.


All of the septic systems in Guilford are required to be pumped every five years.  Based on criteria including lot size and soil suitability, several areas of town must be inspected yearly.  In areas where individual repairs would be impossible or inadequate, community disposal systems will be developed.


Hazardous Waste Collection

The Regional Water Authority operates a hazardous waste collection site at 90 Sargent Drive in New Haven.  HazWaste Central is Connecticut's first permanent center of the collection and disposal of household hazardous wastes.  The Center opens the end of May and will be open on most Saturdays through the end of October from 9 a.m. to noon.


Since Guilford is one of the participating towns, HazWaste Central is free for residents.  For more information and a complete list of products that can be brought to the center visit the HazWaste Central web page located at


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