Guilford High School Building Committee:

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Mary Beeman 07/11/2011 453-0841 39 Boston Street
Barbara Casey 07/11/2011 453-8724 48 Russet Drive
Lawrence Marcik 07/11/2011 203-401-6709 126 Sheep Pasture Road
Margaret Molnar-Ryan 07/11/2011   63 Decatur Avenue
Bill Mulligan 07/11/2011 458-0654 158 Pine Grove
Scott Orenstein 07/11/2011 458-0258 226 Flag Marsh Road
Guido Petra 07/11/2011 458-6878 3 Wingate Road
Scott Pinckney 07/11/2011   968 Leetes Island Road
Todd Williams 07/11/2011 453-5483 56 Davis Drive
Vacancy (Alternate) 07/11/2011    
Robert Jacob (Alternate) 10/03/2011   33 Trolley Road
Michael Ayles (BOF Liaison)   203-640-2557 31 River Colony
Cynthia Cartier (BOS Liaison)   457-0465 344 South Hoop Pole Road
Gary MacElhiney (BOS Liaison)   453-5944 411 Nortontown Road
Richard Misenti (GPS Liaison)   453-2741 605 New England Road
Dr. Paul Freeman (GPS Liaison)   453-8200 55 Park Street
Clifford Gurnham (GPS Liaison)   458-0001 x12 701 New England Road


ESTABLISHED:  Established by Special Town Meeting, May 31, 2011. Members were appointed by the Board of Selectmen at its Special Meeting July 11, 2011.


CHARGE/DUTIES:  The Guilford High School Building Committee is charged with overseeing and carrying out the construction of the new Guilford High School.


ELECTED/APPOINTED:  Appointed by the Board of Selectmen.


MEMBERSHIP:  Nine Members, two alternate members and liaisons.   


MEETING DATE/TIME/PLACE:  Meet as necessary, 7 p.m. at the High School. Meeting times and dates may change depending on need.


EXPERIENCE AND/OR INTEREST NECESSARY/PREFERRED TO BE A MEMBER:  Members should have a knowledge of construction, engineering, architecture and/or finance.  A general business knowledge is also helpful.

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