Conservation Commission:

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Laura Collins (D-Chair) 10/20/2014 to 02/28/2018 453-5703 267 South Union Street
Patrizia DiLonardo (R) 07/06/2015 to 02/28/2019 457-1381 961 Route 80
Paul Mei (D) 02/01/2016 to 02/28/2020 457-1938 117 Wauwinet Trail
Laura Malis (D) 03/07/2016 to 02/28/2020 458-0283 321 East River Road
Emily Chello (R) 07/06/2015 to 02/28/2018 453-1560 90 Fair Street
Bruce Linkor (D) 07/05/2016 to 02/28/2018 453-5711 60 Deer Lane
Vacancy (U) 03/19/2012 to 02/28/2015    
Vacancy (R-alt) 02/02/2009 to 02/28/2016    
Jaime Mastrobuoni (D-alt) 02/01/2016 to 02/28/2018    
Vacancy (D-alt) 07/02/2012 to 02/28/2016    


Upcoming East River Preserve Deer Management Program Press Release / Application.


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ESTABLISHED:  Established by ordinance adopted by Special Town Meeting February 26, 1963.  Membership increased by ordinance adopted by Special Town Meeting September 17, 1963.  Alternates established by ordinance adopted by Board of Selectmen February 15, 1984.


CHARGE/DUTIES:  The Conservation Commission is charged with the development, conservation, supervision and regulation of natural resources, including water resources, within the territorial limits of Guilford.


ELECTED/APPOINTED:  Appointed by Board of Selectmen upon recommendation of Town Committee.


MEMBERSHIP:  Seven regular members.  Three alternate members.  Chairman is only officer.


LENGTH OF TERM:  As per 1963 ordinance regular members were appointed for three-year terms.  As per Town Charter effective December 2, 1993, all terms are now four years.


MEETING DATE/TIME/PLACE:  Regular meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall.


EXPERIENCE AND/OR INTEREST NECESSARY/PREFERRED TO BE A MEMBER:  Members should have an interest in and/or experience in environmental issues, environmental programs, natural resources, conservation, preservation and land management.

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