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Janet Dudley 11/05/2012 to 09/29/2014 453-6760 167 Clapboard HIll Road
William Butterly, III (Chair) 05/04/2015 to 09/29/2018 458-0886 1285 Moose Hill Road
Kimberly Brockett 07/06/2015 to 09/29/2018 453-5936 222 Flag Marsh Road
Paul Wetteman 11/05/2012 to 09/29/2016 457-0777 870 West Street
Peter Perkins (Vice-Chair) 11/05/2012 to 09/29/2016 453-1849 43 Frances Road
Vacancy (alt) 11/05/2012 to 09/29/2016    
John Hammarlund (alt) 11/05/2012 to 09/29/2016 457-3010 130 Crooked Hill Road
Vacancy (alt) 09/20/2010 to 09/29/2014    


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ESTABLISHED:  By Ordinance adopted by the Board of Selectmen August 7, 2006.



A. Information - To serve as a conduit between non-profit agencies and local farmers.  To serve as an agricultural clearinghouse by creating an informational website and map of local farms.  To chart land use in Guilford to support a balance between agriculture and preservation and other land uses.


B. Education - To recommend necessary changes to language practices across town departments and other boards and commissions as necessary regarding a local definition for agriculture, farming and farms.  To educate town government about agricultural laws, such as Right to Farm, and legal issues regarding farm machines.  To provide information and guidance on agriculture-related zoning issues to town departments and other boards and commissions as necessary.  To provide opportunities to support young farmers and new farmers, such as the Farmer-to-Farmer program, Landlink, and other mentoring programs.  Support local, regional and state vocational agriculture education programs.


C. Conflict Resolution - To serve in an advisory and/or conflict resolution capacity to residents, established town committees and departments.


D. Economic Opportunities -  To identify innovative opportunities for farming additional lands in Guilford.  Promote opportunities for residents and local businesses to support and value farming.  Serve as a conduit between non-profit agencies, funders, and local farmers.  Create a climate that supports the economic viability of farming as a career in Guilford.



ELECTED/APPOINTED:  Appointed by the Board of Selectmen


MEMBERSHIP:  The Agricultural Commission will consist of 5 members and 3 alternates.  Members and alternates will be appointed without regard to political affiliation by the Board of Selectmen, and not be subject to nomination by any political party.  Insofar as practical, members appointed shall be representative of all groups interested in the management, protection and regulation of agriculture as defined by Connecticut General Statutes 1-1q, particularly those directly involved in agriculture.  The Agricultural Commission will recommend to the Board of Selectmen persons for openings on the commission.


LENGTH OF TERM:  Staggered 4-year terms, with initial appointments to be 3 members for 4 years and 2 members for 2 years; 1 alternate to be for 4 years and 2 alternates for 2 years.  Members of the Commission shall serve without pay.

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